Central London Estate Agent

Buying and selling property can be one of the toughest life events you can experience.

Studies have shown selling a house to be more stressful than driving tests, redundancy, wedding planning and even divorce, so if the very notion is enough to raise your blood pressure, you’re in the right place.

Property is far more than a financial investment – it’s an emotional investment, too.

The uncertainty of a protracted property deal can cause immeasurable strain on your health, relationships and career (not to mention your bank balance).

You deserve more, and as a professional Central London estate agent, Outlet are here to take the pain out of the process.

We understand the disruption involved in buying and selling your home and we’re well aware of the extensive list of potential things that can go wrong.

Twenty-five years’ experience in Central London property sales has given us a level of understanding that simply can’t be achieved with a big, national agency.

As a friendly and professional Central London estate agent, we’ll guide you through the sales process, oiling the wheels of the sale,  smoothly navigating past any red-tape blocking the path to your new home, so you can achieve “happily ever after” status with minimal fuss or frustration.

How does it work? How are Outlet different?

You’ve heard the saying “prevention is better than cure”, right?

Working with us is the closest you’ll get to having a crystal ball! Our experience in the Central London property market means there’s not an eventuality we haven’t encountered over the years –

the smallest components of a property deal can have far-reaching consequences, so Outlet pay very close attention to detail.

From the very beginning of our journey together, we will listen and observe, using our experience to anticipate and address any complications before they become disruptions.

Extremely friendly and helpful when I needed to find a dog friendly property at short notice.

Mike Bayliss


Your Central London property will receive a professional, accurate valuation based on numerous criteria and you’ll be given detailed feedback on any tweaks you may (or may not) need to make before it goes on the market.


Being a trustworthy Central London estate agent, our professional fees are fair and transparent, with no shocks or hidden costs. Please click here to learn more.


With more than 95% of people using online portals for property searches, we’ll make sure your Central London property is listed in all the right places, for maximum impact and interest.

Staging and Photography

The impact of staging, professional photography and customised videography shouldn’t be underestimated. It has a tremendous impact on how much attention your property receives online as well as it’s perceived value to buyers, so we only use the best quality professionals to showcase your home.

Updates and Contact

We’re not like other Central London estate agents, with Outlet you’ll have ONE point of contact throughout the entire sales process. You’ll be listened to and kept up to date on developments as they happen (or updated at a frequency that works for you). You won’t waste time chasing us or find yourself feeling forgotten.


We aren’t in the business of wasting anyone’s time with the wrong type of viewer. Applicants are profiled to ensure they’re a good fit, meaning minimal disruption and less panic tidying for you!

We’ll take your specific circumstances into consideration at every stage.  If you have a young family, for example, you won’t appreciate tea-time viewings.  Different people have different time pressures and we’ll always be sensitive to your circumstances.


When it’s time to talk turkey, Outlet’s decades of experience in the Central London property market will ensure all boxes are ticked and your needs are met.

Every property transaction is unique, with each buyer and seller having a different success criteria.

Clear, efficient communication throughout the negotiation process will keep stress to a minimum, whilst making sure you achieve the best price for your property.

Completing the Sale

There are infinite reasons for a sale to fall through, which is heart-breaking after the investment of so much money, time and energy.

When you choose Outlet to sell your Central London property, our longstanding relationships with London legal firms mean we are confident every base is covered for a smooth transaction.

Over the years we’ve seen chains collapse thanks to tardy (or lazy) legals, with paperwork lost in the post and crucial deadlines missed.

Our extensive network of professional conveyancers, structural engineers and assorted experts mean we can often anticipate issues before they become sticking points.

We will communicate with you, and everyone else necessary in the chain to iron out creases and ensure the smoothest possible completion of your sale.